Dollar Store Succulent Ball

Did you know that Dollar Tree sells faux succulents? I made a wreath with them in the past that was gorgeous and really well received. So, I decided to use them again and make this succulent ball. I absolutely love how inexpensive and realistic looking they are!

Honestly, I don’t think you could find more realistic looking succulents at a lower price!

I  grabbed 2 metal hanging baskets, 2 coco fiber liners, 2 bags of floral moss and 4 willow wreaths from my local Dollar Tree for this project. I ordered the case of succulents online and picked them up in store while I was gathering the rest of my supplies. I    highly recommend you do the same. I also used wire cutters, floral wire, hot glue/gun and zip ties for this DIY.

First, I removed all 24 succulents from their pots. They just pull right out! Also, remove the hanging chain from the planters.

Waste not! Those pots can be turned into a decorative light strand! Just remove the styrofoam, drill holes in the bottoms and poke holiday lights through. Ta-da!

Then, I wired 12 of the succulents onto the metal basket that would become the top of my ball.

 Some are placed between the rods. I cut off any stems that protruded inside the basket.

I wired the remaining 12 succulents to the other or bottom metal basket. You want the majority of the succulents to face upwards when the two baskets are together. So, make sure you are wiring them on correctly! See picture above.

Place the coco liners inside the baskets and then zip tie them together to form a ball. Reattach one of the plant hangers.

Using a hot glue gun, cover the exposed areas with moss.

The moss hides all the wire beautifully.

Once all the moss is glued down, it’s time to add the willow. If you can do this while it is hanging, it makes it much easier.

I cut three of the wreaths open like so and the last wreath I cut into two pieces.

The first three wreaths I just wrapped vertically around the ball in various directions with the cut ends going into the bottom of the ball. Then, I stuck the pieces of the fourth wreath horizontally at random. I used the pieces placed first to hold them into place. Geez, I hope that makes sense! Tough to explain!

This may be my favorite dollar store craft yet! If you like this project, be sure to SHARE and poke around the site for more! I have a ton of easy and affordable project tutorials.

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