Shamrock Door/Wall Hanging

I’m so happy my St. Patrick’s Day decor stash is growing. I just love all the green! My place feels so happy and ready for spring. The latest addition to my collection is this glittery “Let’s SHAM-ROCK” sign I created using supplies I grabbed at Target and with a few additional items I had on hand.

I grabbed this $3 shamrock wall hanging in the Target Dollar Spot. I also picked up two packs of green party beads and a package of St. Patrick’s Day paper napkins. You’ll also need clear glitter, scissors, matte Mod Podge, a foam brush and industrial strength adhesive/hot glue for this project.

First, I began cutting out the shamrocks and some of the decorative dots from the napkins.

Then, using a foam brush, I adhered the napkin pieces to the shamrock wall hanging with Mod Podge. First, brush a layer of Mod Podge onto the wood surface, place napkin piece and then apply a layer of Mod Podge over top.

Continue adding pieces. I cutout and placed the “Let’s SHAM-ROCK” portion of my napkin in the center of my project. It’s ok to layer!

Continue adding pieces until completely covered. Let Mod Podge dry.

Once dry, add another layer of Mod Podge to the entire surface and begin adding glitter.

Working in section, sprinkle clear glitter over entire project while Mod Podge is wet. The glitter really takes this project to the next level.

Finally, glue strands of party beads to the back bottom portion of the wall hanging. I cut them in various links and used a combination of hot glue and industrial strength adhesive to adhere them for years to come.

If you like this project, you’ll love these Sparkly Decoupaged Easter Eggs! I created them using the same technique. Easter will be here soon!

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