St. Patrick’s Day Place Holders

Cook up some corned beef and cabbage! It’s time for a St. Patrick’s Day dinner party. These dollar store DIY place holders are sure to delight your guests.

Aren’t they just the cutest?

I picked up a 5 pack of St. Patrick’s Day mini hats, 2 packs of gold coins, a bag of black and white decorative shred, 1 styrofoam cube and a package of white string tags for this project at Dollar Tree. I also used green floral wire, a hot glue gun/sticks, wire cutters, a serrated knife and a paint marker.

First, I cut the styrofoam cube in half.

Then, I cut the halves in half.

Then, I cut those in half to make smaller cubes.

Place the cubes in the mini hats. The writing on the hats is annoying. I made the writing side, the back side. Once, the decorative shred is added, it basically disappears.

Next, I hot glued a short piece of floral wire between two gold coins. Repeat this step until all of the picks are created. I made 5 gold coin picks for each hat.

I twisted the wire a bit and poked them into the styrofoam at varying heights.

Using a green paint marker, I wrote the names of my guests and drew a decorative border onto the string tags.

I removed the string from the tag, attached floral wire and poked it into the styrofoam along with the gold coin picks.

Finally, fill in with the black and white decorative shred.

I love how they look on my fabulously festive table!

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