Dollar Store Butterfly Wreath

Although Mother Nature isn’t, I am so ready for warmer temperatures. Its been cold and gray here lately. To brighten my mood and perhaps give a nudge to spring, I decided to create this lovely butterfly wreath.

I picked up the majority of my supplies at Dollar Tree. I grabbed a 10in. foam wreath, 12 packs of butterfly decorations and a bag of bright green moss while in store. The butterflies come in a variety of colors. So, if pale green and yellow aren’t your thing, there is plenty to choose from! I also used a hot glue/gun and wire cutters for this project.

First, I covered the top, inner and outer sides of the foam wreath with moss using my hot glue gun. Geez, that thing is messy! Does your hot glue gun look like this too?!?

The preexisting wires attached to the butterflies were a little long for this project. So, I shortened them with wire cutters.

Then, I began poking the butterflies into the wreath at various heights for a little dimension. My butterflies followed the circular shape of the wreath.

Continue placing butterflies until the whole wreath is completed. I love how the moss looks underneath them!

I added a piece of ribbon that I previously picked up at Dollar Tree for easy hanging. Its certainly starting to feel like spring….indoors!!!

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