Dollar Store Faux Wood Vase/Centerpiece

If you’re in need of a centerpiece for an upcoming dinner party or event thats stylish, but doesn’t break the bank, this arrangement may be just the thing. It’s very easy to put together.

Everything for this centerpiece can be purchased at Dollar Tree except the fresh flowers. In store, you’ll want to pick up a few glass cylinders (varying heights), faux wood contact paper, a bag of moss and various rocks. I grabbed the flowers from my local grocery store for $12.

The first step in creating the centerpiece is to wrap the cylinders with the faux wood contact paper. I saw some faux marble contact paper at the store that would have worked lovely too.

Determine the height and circumference of your vase and make the necessary cuts. A piece of string helps in determining the circumference of the vases.

I used a rotary cutter and mat to make my cuts, but a pair of scissors would work just fine.

 Once the pieces are cut, its time to wrap the vases. Pull down a small section of the adhesive backing and position the contact paper onto the cylinder.

Wrap the vase by rolling the cylinder over the contact paper. Smooth out air bubbles along the way. So simple!

Place on table, fill will flowers and surround with moss and rocks. An even larger collection of these vases surrounded by candles would make a truly stunning centerpiece! This centerpiece pairs perfectly with my Dollar Store Garden Party Placeholders. Throw a spring party on the cheap!

4 thoughts on “Dollar Store Faux Wood Vase/Centerpiece

  1. Love this idea! I could see a few of these of varying heights on a table. Wouldn’t that look fabulous!! You did a great job, Mark!

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