Dollar Store Garden Party Placeholders

I’m hoping that if I continue making spring crafts, spring will actually arrive! Here, its currently snowing outside, but inside I’m having one hell of a spring garden party. I made these adorable flower pot placeholders using supplies I picked up at Dollar Tree.

They’re perfect if you are hosting a spring gathering. Your guests can take them home and later plant the attached seeds!

Ok, heres what I picked up at Dollar Tree in order to make 3 placeholders.

3 seed packets

1 bag of moss

2 packages of pop-up flower stickers

1 package of plant labels

1 styrofoam cube

1 three pack of clay pots

1 package of 6ft floral wire

That’s $10 + tax!

I also used a serrated knife, a hot glue gun, a paint pen and wire cutters for this project.

First, I cut the styrofoam cube into small pieces that would fit into each pot.

Then, I created three flowers for each pot by cutting pieces of floral wire at varying links and hot glueing a flower sticker at the top of each one. I twisted the floral wire to add interest.

Next, I hot glued the seed packets to smaller pieces of floral wire.

Then, I  just stuck the components into the pots.

Using a paint pen, I wrote the names of my guests onto the plant labels and stuck them into the pots.

So cute!

Finally, fill in with moss.

Who wants to come over for dinner?

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