Cocktail Umbrella Wreath

In honor of the unofficial start of summer, I crafted up this cocktail umbrella wreath. It’s so simple to put together and all the supplies can be found at Dollar Tree.

Ok, so, maybe I  did a little more than make a wreath. I mean, if you give a mouse a cookie…! I just couldn’t help myself. The wreath pairs so well with my Sunshine Banner and Beach Ball Lanterns. Throw in a couple decorative items and a few beach toys and voila, summer explosion!

At Dollar Tree, you’ll want to pick up a 10 inch foam wreath, 3 packages of umbrella picks and a festive pineapple scarf. You can’t beat a $5 wreath.

The first thing I did was loop the scarf around itself at the bottom of my wreath. Easy peasy!

Then, just open up the umbrellas and start poking them in the wreath. I used all three packages. Some of the umbrellas didn’t stay fully open. If you’re bothered by that, add a little hot glue to help keep them erect.

Continue poking them in until the front and sides of the wreath are fully covered. I just love an easy and affordable project!

Hang and enjoy. Oh, and BRING ON THE SUN!

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