Pallet Mural

This giant pallet sat in the alley by my place for weeks. I kept telling myself that I didn’t need it. Days kept going by and then I thought if it is there tomorrow, I’ll take it. Well, tomorrow came and now I have one hell of a mural.

It’s definitely giving me a reason to jump for joy! I love how it compliments the garden. Now, I’m aware that you may not be able to find such a giant pallet, but you could always use a standard size pallet. Those things seem to be laying around everywhere. My main intent of this post is to simply inspire creativity.

Wowzers! This pallet truly is a beast. I didn’t do much prep work to the pallet itself as it would be going back outside.

All I did was lay out my pattern at random using blue painters tape making various shapes. Make sure you really push the tape down to ensure clean paint lines.

Then, using a handful of my favorite Plaid craft paints I began painting in my shapes.

I worked in sections. Once, each section was painted, I removed the tape before the paint had fully dried.

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