Watercolor Paper Lanterns

My friends over at Plaid kindly sent me a couple watercolor paints a few weeks back. I thought it would be cool to decorate a paper lantern light strand with them. I haven’t used watercolor paints since I was a kid. While painting I began to have wonderful memories of watercolor painting with my grandma. I’m pretty certain she introduced me to watercolors. This project was a lot of fun!

I used FolkArt Watercolor acrylic paints in Sap Green, Pink and Pastel Turquoise. The Pastel Turquoise is my favorite. Plaid also sent me this lovely Martha Stewart Crafts Watercolor Brush Set that was perfect for this project.

Once my work station was set up, I was ready to paint. Three cups for paint and three cups of water. The more water added to the paints, the lighter the colors become.

I painted each lantern differently. I really just had fun with it. Some had circles, others had lines, one looks like I painted snakes on it! Get creative. If you prefer a more uniform look, go for it! There’s no right or wrong.

There’s just a few brush strokes on this one. I love the Pink and Pastel Turquoise together.

I painted them one at a time down the strand and hung them up to dry using clothespins on a section of a tomato cage I had on hand. If you’ve made one of my tomato cage projects, you might have one on hand too. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my tomato cage projects here, here and here. If not, just find something to hang them on to dry!

Hey, look back there! It’s that snake one!

Don’t they look great lit up? I love the variations in the colors.

So fun!

Happy painting!

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