Fourth of July Food Labels

The Fourth of July will be here soon! Instead of standing over the buffet wondering what it is Aunt Lidia brought this year, whip up a few of these festive Fourth of July Food Labels to cut down on the confusion.

Not only are they adorable, they are also affordable! All of the supplies came from one of my favorite stores, Dollar Tree. This project is so simply to put together and will make a big impact on your table. Details matter.

At Dollar Tree, I picked up a package of patriotic mini hats, a wired star garland, red striped paper straws, a bag of white decorative shred, a styrofoam cube and a package of tags. I also used a serrated knife, a blue marker, scissors and a pair of wire cutters for this craft.

First, remove the strings from the mini hats and cut the styrofoam cube into pieces that will fit in each hat.

Then, use a pair of wire cutters to cut the star garland into small strands.

Then, place them into the styrofoam. I used five in each hat. Twist the strands to add a little more character. Varying heights and positioning adds additional interest.

Next, cut off an inch or two off the paper straws you’ll be using for this project.

Place in the center of the styrofoam.

I outlined the tags in blue and then wrote each food item in. I removed the plain string tag and added a small bit of the wire garland instead.

Twist the garland around the top of the straw to attach the tag.

Finally, top of each hat with decorative shred. Having your celebration outside? Substitute the decorative shred for white mini decorative rocks (also available at Dollar Tree). This will look great and keep your project from blowing away!

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Alright, whose ready for Mark’s macaroni salad?

2 thoughts on “Fourth of July Food Labels

  1. That is so adorable!

    Where might one find the Kale Crunch recipe? I can’t be the only one who wants a side of that next to Mark’s macaroni salad 🙂

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