Ice Cream Float Arrangements

Who doesn’t love ice cream? I certainly do! I love it so much that I have an ice cream cone tattoo. The other day while perusing the aisles at Dollar Tree I spotted these super fun ice cream cone cups and instantly grabbed them to craft up these fabulous arrangements.

Aren’t they just delicious? How cute would these be at an ice cream social?!? The perfect summer centerpiece.

I grabbed 3 plastic ice cream cone cups, 3 foam floral pucks, 10 bunches of fake white carnations and a package of pom-poms at Dollar Tree. I also used tacky glue, wire cutters and a few drinking straws for this project.

They’re super easy to make. First, just plop a foam floral puck inside each ice cream cone cup.

Then, using a pair of wire cutters, cut the carnations off of the bunch. Be sure to remove the foliage and leave enough stem to be able to work with. Oh, and don’t throw away the remaining ugly bits yet! You’ll need them later on.

Next, begin inserting them into the foam to form a mound. I started by placing one in the center.

Then, four at 3, 6, 9 and 12.

Then, just fill in! Each one used just over 2 bunches of carnations.

I made cherries by gluing a small piece of the leftover carnation stem wire onto a red pom-pom.

I used another piece of the leftover wire to slide the straws onto in each arrangement.

I scream, you scream!

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