Stenciled Pallet

I just can’t help myself with these pallet makeovers! A few weeks back, I found three small pallets in the alley. I couldn’t not take them, right? Although, I recently shared a pallet project it was time to get these off the back porch and art the hell of them. So, here we are. The other two are still in progress, but I’m super pleased with the look of this one.

The end result turned out great, but when I started this project, I didn’t really have a direction in mind. At first, I drew a cactus and hated it.

So, I painted over it in black.

Then, I began rummaging through my craft arsenal for inspiration. I found this Ikat Motif stencil that I previously used on a patio set makeover. Using Folk Art Brushed Gold paint, I applied the largest stencil in various spots on the pallet.

Then, using various colors, I started free handing details in and around the stenciled areas. This blue color adds a nice pop against the gold.

More touches were added with Apple Barrel Parakeet paint.

I threw in some hand mixed pink.

Lastly, to give it a distressed look, I diluted some of the Brushed Gold paint with water and sprayed it on with a spray bottle. I love the drips.

I hope this post inspires you. For more inspiration, check out this piece of pallet art. If you see a discarded pallet, grab it and turn it into a masterpiece of your own!

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