Hey there, Gators!

Hello, friends! After a year of weekly MONDAYS WITH MARK projects and my break announcement, I wanted to do a little check in and let you know what I’ve been up to, share a few pictures and talk about future plans. Before that, I thought it’d be fun to do a quick photo recap of the previous year’s projects. I’m so proud of everything I created in that year! As I’ve said before, producing a creative project and posting every week is no easy feat. It’s fun to look back at all the projects from the year in order. I love viewing the change of seasons this way. Although I love them all, I do have a few favorites. I’m partial to all of my Halloween projects, Pallet Mural and Tomato Cage Marbleized Side Table.
Please leave a comment and tell me your favorite. Thank you all for following along on this creative journey! My last MONDAYS WITH MARK project was this Stenciled Pallet. Since then, I have been on a major pallet project kick.

Actually, I’ve crowned myself the Prince of Pallets. 

Barley likes them too.

I’ve really enjoyed the past month because it has allowed me an opportunity to work without time constraints and to follow my creativity. For instance, I’ve honestly never really considered myself much of a painter, but I went out on a limb with my pallet “Violet and Justina” and I couldn’t be happier with the result. I’m looking forward to creating more pallets and exploring new ideas. I urge you all to follow your instincts and do the same. Keep reading for the reveal of my newest pallet creation.

Pallets aren’t the only thing I’ve been working on. I recreated my Faux Flamingo Taxidermy project using Plaid Crafts Glitterific paint. If you haven’t tried this fabulous product, I highly recommend it.

I also created this hokey Jason Voorhees mask for a Friday the 13th party (produced by Gaudy God) I attended. Look what you can make with a piece of a cardboard and some paint in less than an hour! Maybe not my best work, but it was perfect for this campy camp-themed party.

The DJ backdrop was created using dollar store shower curtains. Dramatic lighting turned them into a statement piece.

Here I am dressed as a Camp Crystal Lake lifeguard. HA!

It hasn’t all been paint and glitter. I’ve also enjoyed some relaxation time. Although, Chicago has lovely beaches, I’m dying to get to a waterpark before summer ends. Speaking of future plans, I initially thought I would bring back MONDAYS WITH MARK after a one month hiatus; however, at this time I’m focusing my attention towards creating projects for upcoming art fairs, submitting proposals and of course making more pallets. As always, I will continue to share everything I’m working on via social media. I’m still fleshing out a new and exciting format for MONDAYS WITH MARK, so stay tuned for further announcements.

And, now the moment you’ve all been waiting for…almost. First, I want to tell the story about my newest line of pallet pieces. Everyday life can be really funny. I’m not certain why I’m in love with this idea, but I have decided to create art based off of my everyday experiences. My newest piece was inspired by my last dental visit. I pinky promised the hygienist I would floss twice daily. PINKY PROMISED! Although I am flossing more, I haven’t totally fulfilled this promise. Perhaps, thats the real reason for this piece — a reminder.

Pretty sure I won’t go around willy-nilly promising things to my hygienist again. I pinky promise you that!

8 thoughts on “Hey there, Gators!

  1. It’s so impressive to see all your projects together. Great variety! I really support you following your creativity. It’s leading you in fun directions. Keep it up.

  2. You have a great talent Mark. You have inspired me to start crafting again after years of stopping. I just stopped enjoying it and wasn’t inspired till I found your site! Thanks for the inspiration and the picture of you on the beach!

  3. Mark my favorite project will always be your window display! Although it wasn’t a Monday project it will always be my fav! Your talent just shined through. So glad I found your pots it’s always so much fun to watch you create,

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