Halloween TV Treetopia Tree

Hey, Gators! Are you as excited for Halloween as I am? I was certainly excited when my friends over at Treetopia asked me to design a Halloween tree with DIY ornaments from 3 popular shows- Stranger Things, Rick and Morty and Star Trek.

Disclosure: Tree has been provided by Treetopia, and I have received compensation in the form of a gift card for this project. Project idea and opinions are my own.

Wanting to further challenge myself, I choose a 6ft pre-lit Baby Blue Treetopia tree to adorn. Blue for Halloween? Why not? Last year, I decked out a pink Treetopia tree for Halloween! I think blue is the perfect backdrop for these ornaments and I love how the tree fits in so nicely with my other home decor.

I created Pickle Rick ornaments out of felt for Rick and Morty.

Star Trek logos were created out of sticky craft foam.

My DIY Demogorgons…well, you’ll have to get the instructions for them here! There, you’ll also find addtional information about all of the popular show themed ornaments I created.

To finish the look, I added handmade pumpkin TV’s, television sticker starburst ornaments and spider covered popcorn buckets. With a few simple adjustments, this theme could easily transition into Christmas. Take off the spiders and swap out those pumpkins for ornament clusters and Voilà!

If you like this Halloween tree, please SHARE! Also, be sure to check out some of my other favorite Halloween projects like my Halloween WindowsPopcorn Pumpkin, and Man-Eating Pods. Alright, gotta go, I’ve got shows to watch.

6 thoughts on “Halloween TV Treetopia Tree

  1. This just might be my favorite project of yours yet. Amazing work, from the pumpkin T.V.’s to the Pickle Ricks to the demigorgons (I watch that show, too, but honestly for me they conjured up images of some of the creatures Rick and Morty have encountered on their adventures…that’s a good thing!) Love it so much!

  2. This is so cool!
    I really liked your Stanger Things reference. I bet it took tons of time. The pumpkin TVs are fun. Great job! Cant wait to see pics of your windows this holiday!

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