Popcorn Pumpkin

Happy October! It’s my favorite time of year. When my friends over at Plaid asked me to create a uniquely decorated pumpkin for Halloween, I was thrilled. Lots of ideas ran through my head, including a cute little fox, but I ultimately decided to make this Popcorn Pumpkin. 

Disclosure: Some supplies have been provided by Plaid, and I have received compensation for this post. Project idea and opinions are my own.

It’s the perfect pumpkin to display at a Halloween carnival or scary movie night.

I chose FolkArt Multi Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in Apple Red for this project. I also used Mod Podge Ultra Gloss. If you haven’t tried Mod Podge Ultra yet, I highly recommend it. It’s a spray-on all-in-one glue and sealer.

Following the lines of my white craft pumpkin, I began by painting every other segment in Apple Red. I started at the top and painted as far down as I could to the bottom. A variety of various sized craft pumpkins can be found at your local craft store.

Let the first coat dry and then paint on a second coat. I love the glossiness of this paint.

After the top dried, I flipped the pumpkin over and placed it in an oversized mug to paint the bottom portion. Finish painting the stripes.

I found this faux popcorn garland online. Since I wanted individual pieces, I simply cut the string they were strung on and was able to easily pull each piece off.

I adhered the popcorn pieces using Mod Podge Ultra Gloss. First, I generously sprayed the top portion of my pumpkin. I kept a foam brush nearby to wipe away any major drips.

Then, one piece at a time, I generously sprayed each popcorn piece and began placing them onto my pumpkin.

Continue spraying and stacking until the top is covered to your liking. Let dry completely. Overnight would be best.

To complete my pumpkin, I added a popcorn image I found online.

I used Mod Podge Ultra Gloss to attach it to the front of my pumpkin. Mod Podge Ultra does it all! Check out this 3D Wood Wall Art I made using Mod Podge Ultra.

If you liked this craft, be sure to POP over to the Halloween section for even more spooktacular DIY’s!

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