Alligator Clothespins

Hello, Gators! I recently debuted these adorable Alligator Clothespins on The Lady Party with Margot Potter. It’s a great craft for kids and kids at heart.

Take a look at my Lady Party interview above to get all the details on the Alligator Clothespins and to hear a little about what’s been going on in my world. I’ve also laid out the steps for you below. Happy Crafting! 

Let’s make some gators! Disassemble clothespin.
Paint entire clothespin green. I used FolkArt Matte Acrylic paint in Bright Green. Let dry.
Reassemble clothespin. Use the end of a paint brush to add tail dots in a different shade of green.
Dot on nostrils.
Dot on white spots for eyes. Let dry.
Use a toothpick to give the gator some teeth.
Use another toothpick to add black pupils to eyes. So cute!
Add a magnetic strip to the back to create gator magnets.
Create a memo/key holder. Use an industrial strength glue to attach gators to a wood surface.
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