Neon Peace Wreath

Hello, Gators! Like so many of you, I hope to see the day where peace on earth is a reality. Until then, I’m going to continue to be kind and create art that encourages the message. This is the second Peace Wreath I’ve made. The first was created out of dollar store items around Christmas. You can see that one here.  

The awesome thing about this wreath is that it’s black light reactive! So groovy. I’ve laid out all the steps below. Happy crafting.

Grab your supplies- 2 spools of neon mason twine, embroidery hoop, glue gun/sticks and scissors!
Hot glue both colors of mason twine to top center of embroidery hoop to hold in place.
Wrap entire hoop with both colors of mason twine. Find a wrapping method that works for you.
I found working in sections and glueing along the way worked well.
I also tried wrapping a large portion of both twines onto a toilet paper roll and then wrapping.
Next, cut three strands of twine (2 of one color) a few inches longer than hoop on both ends.
Braid pieces together. Hot glue/tie in place at the top and bottom center of hoop. Cut excess.
Use the same method to determine length of bottom portion of peace sign. Braid together.
Wrap strand around center string once and glue/tie ends in place to form peace sign. Cut excess.
Tie long strands in alternating colors along bottom portion of hoop to add more interest.
This also helps hide any glue. Once completed, trim as desired.
Hang and enjoy!
Oh, I almost forgot. It’s black light reactive!
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