Fiesta Napkin Rings

I created these festive napkin rings for my upcoming taco party. They perfectly match my table runner.  The decor is really coming together and will definitely give my guests something to taco ’bout! 😉   Cut a paper towel roll into six equal sections.   Cut and fringe strips of various colors of tissue paper.   Glue tissue paper strips around roll with tacky glue. Cut off excess. Layer until completed.   Inexpensive. Easy. Fabulous. […]

Potted Felt Cactus Placeholder

I’ve been promising cactus projects. Well, here’s the first one! I thought it would be special to make personalized placeholders for my upcoming taco party. These Potted Felt Cactus Placeholders are going to make wonderful parting gifts for my dinner guests. They aren’t hard to construct, but the hand sewing makes them somewhat time consuming. I find it relaxing though! First, create and cut out a paper template of your cactus. Trace two cactuses onto […]

Tissue Paper Table Runner

I wanted to create a colorful table runner for my upcoming taco night/party. I had an excess of tissue paper leftover from my tissue paper flower project. So, one thing lead to another and… Voila, an inexpensive and super festive table runner was born! Supplies needed: Colorful tissue paper Scissors (I used fringing scissors, but not necessary) Aleene’s Tacky Glue 3-5 sheets of 8.5in x 11in heavy duty paper   First, create the base of […]

Tissue Paper Flowers (The Ultimate Taco Night/Party)

Throughout the year, one of my closest friends, Gary, throws the most fabulous taco nights. His tacos and margaritas are simply to die for. I like to call the taco NIGHTS taco PARTIES and Gary always corrects me that it is taco NIGHT. Whatever, one calls it, I promise you these gatherings are amazing!  I thought it would be awesome to combine our forces and throw the ultimate taco night/party.  So, in about a month […]

Crepe Paper Backdrop

Ok, this project isn’t rocket science. However, if you are looking for an inexpensive backdrop for your next party, I have just the thing! All you need to create this festive crepe paper backdrop is crepe paper, tape and a pair of scissors. I used 4 different colored rolls of crepe paper for my backdrop. Since, crepe paper is so inexpensive and comes in a wide range of colors and patterns, this project can be […]

Popsicle Stick Fairy Door

Knock! Knock! I wanted to make a simple project that would add a touch of whimsy to the garden. This fairy door did exactly that! I’ve seen these on Pinterest, in stores and in my neighboorhood. I love the underlying magic that comes along with these little doors. I decided to build my door out of popsicle sticks, since I had a billion of them in my craft closet. First, I staggered six jumbo popsicle […]

Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Spring is officially here (well, maybe not in Chicago) and it’s time to turn our attention outdoors. I wanted to create an elevated plant stand to add some height and drama to my outdoor space. Perhaps, you are looking to do the same. If so, then this tomato cage plant stand is just the ticket. Yes, the stand is a tomato cage! Tomato cages now come in a variety of colors. I picked this one […]

Flower Stepping Stones/Home and Family

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. After a much needed and longer break than anticipated, I’m back! I recently had an amazing opportunity to present one of my projects to the world on national television!  I entered a DIY star competition for Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel and was chosen as one of twenty five finalists. Here I am on set with Dave Coulier, Toni Tennille (she’s the sweetest) and the Home and […]

Sauce and Bread Kitchen Holiday Decor

For my last posting of 2015, I wanted to share a few photos of the holiday decorations I installed a few weeks back at Sauce and Bread Kitchen ( The fine folks at SBK like the decor to last a few months after Christmas. So, I chose a festive winter theme. Blue and white paper lanterns are scattered throughout the space. A snowflake hangs from the bottom of each lantern. This charming fellow I created […]

A Very Viking Christmas (Tree)

The last and final Christmas tree I decorated this season isn’t for everyone, but for my newest friend and client it was the perfect addition to his home. It’s not everyday someone asks you for a Viking themed Christmas tree with Runic symbol ( ornamentation. When I was first presented with this idea, I must admit there was some hesitation. However, after much thought and planning as to how to pull this off, I am […]