A Very Colorful and Handmade Christmas

Growing up, I spent almost every weekend at my grandparents house until about high school age. My grandparents have been married for over 50 years and have had a lifetime of love that most of us can only dream about. My grandmother played a very intricate role in my upbringing and fostered my creativity from the very start. My love of the holidays, flowers, art and decorating can be attributed to my grandma. She also…Continue reading A Very Colorful and Handmade Christmas

Sauce and Bread Kitchen Holiday Decor

For my last posting of 2015, I wanted to share a few photos of the holiday decorations I installed a few weeks back at Sauce and Bread Kitchen (http://sauceandbread.com). The fine folks at SBK like the decor to last a few months after Christmas. So, I chose a festive winter theme. Blue and white paper lanterns are scattered throughout the space. A snowflake hangs from the bottom of each lantern. This charming fellow I created…Continue reading Sauce and Bread Kitchen Holiday Decor

A Very Viking Christmas (Tree)

The last and final Christmas tree I decorated this season isn’t for everyone, but for my newest friend and client it was the perfect addition to his home. It’s not everyday someone asks you for a Viking themed Christmas tree with Runic symbol (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Runes) ornamentation. When I was first presented with this idea, I must admit there was some hesitation. However, after much thought and planning as to how to pull this off, I am…Continue reading A Very Viking Christmas (Tree)

Purple Perfection Christmas Tree

Lovers of purple- this tree is for you! My friend Mintie is purples biggest fan. That’s why this Purple Perfection tree is perfect for her. I’ve mentioned Mintie on the blog before. She’s a great friend and huge supporter of all things Slumbering Alligator.  I hand strung the purple ornament garland that circles its way around the tree. What a statement it makes!   Purple tissue paper honeycombs and disco balls compliment the garland. Mintie took…Continue reading Purple Perfection Christmas Tree

Paper Party Christmas Tree

This super festive Christmas tree is gracing my home this year. I wanted to do something bright and funky and nontraditional. I think I succeeded! Ha. The blue, yellow and white tissue paper party decorations adorning the tree make a bold statement. Matching garlands on the fireplace and in the doorway make the whole room feel like a party. Ok, I know this isn’t for everyone. But, I can’t help but smile every time I…Continue reading Paper Party Christmas Tree

Black Tie Affair Christmas Tree

Nothing says Christmas like black and white. Wait. What? Well, thats true for this tree. Despite its untraditional color scheme, it’s brimming with holiday cheer. My friend fondly named this the “black tie affair” tree. Although it doesn’t feel formal to me, I find the name fitting.  Handmade paper medallion ornaments that are in line with the color scheme (http://slumberingalligator..com/2015/11/paper-medallion-ornaments.html) are strewn throughout. More uniquely decorated trees (including a viking themed one) will be posted…Continue reading Black Tie Affair Christmas Tree

Kitchen Christmas Tree

Hello! I’ve been crazy busy working on Christmas installation projects the majority of this month. This is why I haven’t posted anything on the blog since November, but I’m back and I have lots of holiday goodness to share! I’ll be posting five uniquely decorated Christmas trees and a few other holiday installation pictures over the next week or so. So, stay tuned!! A few weeks back I shared a post on how to make…Continue reading Kitchen Christmas Tree

Moroccan Around the Christmas Tree

Well, here it is! The first Christmas tree I’ve decorated this season. I think this Moroccan inspired tree is an absolute stunner. I love it’s vibrant color scheme. The handmade Moroccan lantern and bulb ornaments I created are right at home on this tree. Learn how to make them here- http://slumberingalligator.blogspot.com/2015/11/moroccan-ornaments.html My friend who I designed this tree for loves it so much, he’s Moroccan Around the Christmas Tree!