Kitchen Christmas Tree

Hello! I’ve been crazy busy working on Christmas installation projects the majority of this month. This is why I haven’t posted anything on the blog since November, but I’m back and I have lots of holiday goodness to share! I’ll be posting five uniquely decorated Christmas trees and a few other holiday installation pictures over the next week or so. So, stay tuned!! A few weeks back I shared a post on how to make…Continue reading Kitchen Christmas Tree

Moroccan Around the Christmas Tree

Well, here it is! The first Christmas tree I’ve decorated this season. I think this Moroccan inspired tree is an absolute stunner. I love it’s vibrant color scheme. The handmade Moroccan lantern and bulb ornaments I created are right at home on this tree. Learn how to make them here- My friend who I designed this tree for loves it so much, he’s Moroccan Around the Christmas Tree!

Utensil Snowflake Ornaments

Have you ever considered putting a Christmas tree in the kitchen? I’m doing just that for a client in his dining room/kitchen combo space.  I can’t think of a better way to adorn a kitchen tree than making creative ornaments out of kitchen items. That being said, I present to you this Utensil Snowflake Ornament.   Supplies needed to make one ornament: Six pieces of plastic flatware (I like the look of the fake silver,…Continue reading Utensil Snowflake Ornaments

Paper Medallion Ornaments

I’m making Paper Medallion Ornaments for one of the Christmas trees I’m designing this year. They are relatively simply to construct and provide a lot of look for little buck. If you are designing a Christmas tree on a budget, I highly recommend constructing these ornaments. This isn’t the first time I’ve made Paper Medallion Ornaments for a project.  Last year, they looked gorgeous adorning my Christmas tree. Sauce and Bread Kitchen ( loved the ones…Continue reading Paper Medallion Ornaments

Moroccan Ornaments

Ornament prep is well underway for the first Christmas tree I’ll be decorating this season. Although, I hate giving away a theme before the big reveal, there’s no way not to spill the beans on this one. These DIY Moroccan Lanterns that I’ll be using as ornaments are a dead giveaway that the first tree of this season will be…you guessed it, MOROCCAN! These beauties were super simple to make. Initially, I was going to…Continue reading Moroccan Ornaments

O Christmas Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree…

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be decorating numerous Christmas trees for my home and in the homes of my friends. Each tree will have a specific theme/color scheme and I will be sharing ornament tutorials here on the blog. To officially kick off the Christmas crafting season, I thought I would share some of the Christmas trees I created over the years. This Art Deco inspired tree was in my living room last year. I…Continue reading O Christmas Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree, Tree…

Colorful Ice Globes

We are in a deep freeze here in the Midwest. Since, the ice wreath ( posting was a big hit, I decided to do another quick and easy frozen project.   These ice globes look so beautiful in the snow. All you need for this project is balloons, food coloring and water. Working one balloon at a time, add about five drops of food coloring and fill with water to your desired size. Tie balloon and…Continue reading Colorful Ice Globes

Ice Wreath

January can be so blah. The holidays have come and gone. Here in the midwest, Spring feels like it may never return. I say, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em!” Below you will find instructions to create a simple and beautiful ice wreath. Supplies needed to make this Ice Wreath: Bundt Pan Lemons Oranges Cranberries   Evergreen Tree Clippings   Burlap Ribbon First, start by placing 1 inch of water inside the bundt pan.…Continue reading Ice Wreath