Light Fixture Cover Vases

It’s always fun to repurpose an item intended for one use in another way. With a little paint, light fixture covers can be transformed into eye catching floral vases. I found this ornate light fixture cover about a month ago at my local thrift store. I picked up the globe on the left at the same thrift store last week. I purchased the one on the right at a small hardware store for just over […]

GROW Garden Sign

Sometimes we all need a little encouragement. I’m definitley encouraging my garden to GROW with this DIY wooden letter sign. It’s large and in charge and makes a bold statement in the yard. My friends over at Plaid sent me these 18in wooden letters along with some wonderful multi-surface acrylic paints to use on this project. These letters exceeded my expectations upon arrival. They come in four different styles and are/will be available for purchase at Walmart […]

Terra Cotta Bird Feeder

If you give the birds a DIY Bird Bath, they’ll probably ask for a handmade bird feeder. Well, thats what happened at my place and I was happy to oblige. The first thing I did was drill three small holes, that formed the shape of a triangle, into the sides of a terra cotta saucer. Make sure the holes are below the lip of the saucer. Then, I painted the inside and outer top portion of […]

DIY Bird Bath

I recently planted a quaint flower garden in my backyard. I knew from the start that I wanted a spot for my feathered friends. I’ve been looking at a lot of gorgeous bird baths online, but in my true fashion, I decided to DIY my own. I’m so happy I did! I’m thrilled how it turned out and it looks perfect next to my terra cotta pot wind chime. I found this old lamp at […]

Faux Flamingo Taxidermy

I had a few leftover flamingos from my flamingo hanging lamp project. When life hands you plastic flamingos, you make faux taxidermy. Well, thats what I did at least! Besides being completely fabulous, this flamingo wall art could be put to practical use. It would make a great necklace or hat holder. In the kitchen, it’s the perfect spot for a hand towel. If you think this fellow is cute, scroll down to see his extremely sophisticated […]

Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

Succulent decor is so in right now, but can come with a hefty price tag. I’ve seen some faux succulent wreaths online selling for over $100! Would you believe me if I told you that I made this wreath for $26 (plus taxes, of course)?! How? Because, all of the items used came from Dollar Tree. Yes, they sell succulents and in order to make this wreath you’ll need a case of them. I recommend ordering them […]

Dollar Store Flamingo Hanging Lamp

It turns out that I have a thing for pink plastic flamingos. My love for them goes deeper than I imagined and this flamingo hanging lamp project confirms it. I should have seen the signs. I mean, I do have a life-size one in my home year round and I did throw a flamingo themed party once. Really, whats not to love? They’re pink and kitschy as hell. This lamp though is flamingo perfection. Ok, to make […]

Moon Lamp

I wanted some additional soft lighting in my bedroom. So, instead of purchasing a lamp, I decided to make one. Nothing says goodnight quite like the moon. I started with a giant round balloon. Round is key. I had this one on hand. I’m not quite sure what size it was, but I can tell you it was big! Any size round balloon will work. Maybe you want a baby moon? I drew a small […]

Painted Antler Rack 

I’ve had two deer antlers leftover from an installation I did many years ago. I’ve used them for decorative purposes over the years, especially at Christmas time, but I’ve always wanted to do something more with the pair. Well, finally, I did so! The hardest part about this project would be tracking down the antlers, but I’ll make that a little easier for you. Naturally shed deer antlers are sold as dog chews. The antlers […]

Flower Stepping Stones/Home and Family

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. After a much needed and longer break than anticipated, I’m back! I recently had an amazing opportunity to present one of my projects to the world on national television!  I entered a DIY star competition for Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel and was chosen as one of twenty five finalists. Here I am on set with Dave Coulier, Toni Tennille (she’s the sweetest) and the Home and […]