Faux Flamingo Taxidermy

I had a few leftover flamingos from my flamingo hanging lamp project. When life hands you plastic flamingos, you make faux taxidermy. Well, thats what I did at least! Besides being completely fabulous, this flamingo wall art could be put to practical use. It would make a great necklace or hat holder. In the kitchen, it’s the perfect spot for a hand towel. If you think this fellow is cute, scroll down to see his extremely sophisticated […]

Dollar Store Succulent Wreath

Succulent decor is so in right now, but can come with a hefty price tag. I’ve seen some faux succulent wreaths online selling for over $100! Would you believe me if I told you that I made this wreath for $26 (plus taxes, of course)?! How? Because, all of the items used came from Dollar Tree. Yes, they sell succulents and in order to make this wreath you’ll need a case of them. I recommend ordering them […]

Dollar Store Flamingo Hanging Lamp

It turns out that I have a thing for pink plastic flamingos. My love for them goes deeper than I imagined and this flamingo hanging lamp project confirms it. I should have seen the signs. I mean, I do have a life-size one in my home year round and I did throw a flamingo themed party once. Really, whats not to love? They’re pink and kitschy as hell. This lamp though is flamingo perfection. Ok, to make […]

Moon Lamp

I wanted some additional soft lighting in my bedroom. So, instead of purchasing a lamp, I decided to make one. Nothing says goodnight quite like the moon. I started with a giant round balloon. Round is key. I had this one on hand. I’m not quite sure what size it was, but I can tell you it was big! Any size round balloon will work. Maybe you want a baby moon? I drew a small […]

Painted Antler Rack 

I’ve had two deer antlers leftover from an installation I did many years ago. I’ve used them for decorative purposes over the years, especially at Christmas time, but I’ve always wanted to do something more with the pair. Well, finally, I did so! The hardest part about this project would be tracking down the antlers, but I’ll make that a little easier for you. Naturally shed deer antlers are sold as dog chews. The antlers […]

Flower Stepping Stones/Home and Family

Hello, friends! It’s been a minute. After a much needed and longer break than anticipated, I’m back! I recently had an amazing opportunity to present one of my projects to the world on national television!  I entered a DIY star competition for Home and Family on the Hallmark Channel and was chosen as one of twenty five finalists. Here I am on set with Dave Coulier, Toni Tennille (she’s the sweetest) and the Home and […]

Clothespin Mirror

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? In this case, it’s the mirror itself! I mean, look at this beauty! This Clothespin Mirror is tres chic! In addition to looking great, this project is budget friendly and super easy to construct. Ok, you should make your own. Supplies needed: Clothespins (I used 46. I bought a bag of 48 at Michaels.) Acrylic Paint 7in Round Mirror Glue Gun/Sticks Foam Brush   […]

Popsicle Stick Pallet Coasters

 WAIT! Don’t put that glass there! Instead, put it down on one of these adorable Popsicle Stick Pallet Coasters! With a little handiwork and very few supplies, you can create a set of these for your home. Supplies: Standard Size Craft (Popsicle) Sticks (Mine were 4 7/16 in x 5/16in x 1/16 in) Hot Glue Gun/Sticks Scissors Foam Brush Wood Stain You will need 12 popsicle sticks to make 1 coaster. First, begin by snipping […]

Plaster of Paris Flowers

I had some leftover artificial flowers from a previous project hanging out in my craft closet. So, I decided to Plaster of Paris them. Plaster of Paris flowers are inexpensive to make and can be incorporated into a variety of projects. I love how they look on this white washed heart shaped grapevine wreath. This one makes a beautiful gift box topper. Get Creative! Here’s what you need to create the flowers- Plaster of Paris […]

Bird Seed Wreath

This posting is for the birds! Show some love to your feathered friends by creating a beautiful bird seed wreath for them. It’s sure to set their hearts aflutter. Here’s what you’ll need: 4 Cups Bird Seed 3/4 Cup All Purpose Flour 1/2 Cup Water 3 Tablespoons Light Corn Syrup 1 package of Knox plain gelatin Cooking Spray Bundt Pan Whisk Large Spoon Mixing Bowl Ribbon (For Hanging) First, in a mixing bowl stir the […]