Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Spring is officially here (well, maybe not in Chicago) and it’s time to turn our attention outdoors. I wanted to create an elevated plant stand to add some height and drama to my outdoor space. Perhaps, you are looking to do the same. If so, then this tomato cage plant stand is just the ticket. Yes, the stand is a tomato cage! Tomato cages now come in a variety of colors. I picked this one…Continue reading Tomato Cage Plant Stand

Mother’s Day Mason Jar Vase

With a Mom visit planned for tomorrow, I wanted to have some fresh flowers in the house. I thought it’d be cute to take a few extra steps and personalize a container to hold the floral. Here’s what I created with supplies I had in the “craft closet”. I think it turned out adorable and hope Mom does too. Supplies: Mason Jar Burlap Ribbon Fluorescent Pink Mason Twine Scrapbooking Paper Scissors Hot Glue/Gun First, I…Continue reading Mother’s Day Mason Jar Vase

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

I loved dyeing Easter eggs as a kid. Not much has changed since then. My Mom and I used to do a variety of egg dying techniques, but my favorite was the one we always referred to as the “paper towel trick”. Maybe you’ve heard of this trick before, but if not I’m happy to let you in on the secret. The finished eggs are nothing short of magical. Supplies: Eggs (Hardboiled/Blown) Egg dyeing kit…Continue reading Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Bunny Wreath (Video Tutorial)

I can’t think of a better way to welcome Spring than with this adorable bunny wreath. It’s easy to construct and will compliment your front door perfectly. Learn how to make one for your home below. I’m so excited to present my first ever video tutorial! This video would not have been possible without the help and creativity of my friend Enero. She did a beautiful job shooting and editing this project. You can view…Continue reading Bunny Wreath (Video Tutorial)

Fluorescent Mason Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs

My friend Mintie mentioned to me months ago that she wanted to make yarn wrapped eggs when it was time for Easter crafting. I loved this idea, but wanted to put my own spin (pun intended) on it by using fluorescent mason twine. I know an awesome secret about fluorescent mason twine which I will share at the end of this posting. What better way to welcome Spring then with color? Bright bright neon colors!…Continue reading Fluorescent Mason Twine Wrapped Easter Eggs