Foil Confetti Cake Topper

I love confetti. It's true. Always have and probably always will. When I was little, my Grandma took me to see Aladdin on Ice and there was a big confetti cannon blast at the end. I'm pretty sure that is the exact moment I fell in love. I've seen these DIY confetti cake toppers a few places, but I just love them and thought I'd craft up some of my own to share. Supplies: Hot […]

Shark Wreath

It’s that time of a year again! What time? SHARK WEEK on the Discovery Channel! To celebrate, I decided to craft up this super fun shark wreath. Believe it or not, this fellow is constructed from two foam noodle boards and a pool noodle that I picked up at Dollar Tree. He’s absolutely perfect for Shark Week, but he’d be great at a themed birthday party or just making a splash on the front door […]

Concrete Castles

I love filling random molds with concrete. My Concrete Garden Orb and Flower Stepping Stones solidify that. I have been wanting to fill sand castle molds with concrete for awhile now. When I saw a beach set combo package with these smaller versions in it at my local convenience store, I knew it was time. I love how the concrete castles look displayed in this oversized platter. I added colored sand, tea light candles and shells I picked up […]

Pizza Banner

I learned that National Pizza Day is today! So, I felt inspired to cook up this delicious craft. It was super simple to make and turned out absolutely adorable. Here’s how I did it. Get in on a pizza the action! First, I created a triangular shaped template. Then, I traced eight pizza slices on yellow felt and cut them out. Next, I cut out crust and sauce for all the slices. I used a […]

Taco Party

Well, the taco party finally happened and was a huge success. Festive. Fabulous. Fun. I was super pleased with the overall look of the night. The Potted Felt Cactus Placeholders were a big hit amongst the guests. The Technicolor Cacti Centerpiece was my personal favorite decor item. Everything really came together beautifully. My good friend Gary made all of the food and let me tell you it was delicious! This guacamole was so good. The […]

Technicolor Cacti

The taco party is tomorrow and I needed a centerpiece! Utilizing various odds and ends in my craft closest, I came up with these beauties. These technicolor cacti are going to be the talk of the table. I initially, was going to wrap them each in a solid color yarn. Then, my current muse suggested that I “Go big or go home.” I couldn’t be happier I listened. They are going to tie all the […]

Cactus Piñata/ Taco Party Updates

If you follow @slumberingalligator on Instagram, you know I’ve been creating a cactus piñata for my upcoming taco party. I put the entire process in our story and promised to share the finished result today. Well… Here it is! I love how it turned out! Creating your own piñata is definitely a labor of love. However, I think the final result and cost is worth it. This piñata cost me $2 to make! The cardboard was […]

Cactus Garland

Ok, so I’ve finally set a date for the taco party! It will be at the end of this month. I know I’ve prolonged this a while and hope you’ve been enjoying the projects as they come along. There’s a few more decor projects still on my list, but I can cross cactus garland off as of now. I love the way it turned out! So cute and so easy to make! Create a cactus […]

Fiesta Napkin Rings

I created these festive napkin rings for my upcoming taco party. They perfectly match my table runner.  The decor is really coming together and will definitely give my guests something to taco ’bout! 😉   Cut a paper towel roll into six equal sections.   Cut and fringe strips of various colors of tissue paper.   Glue tissue paper strips around roll with tacky glue. Cut off excess. Layer until completed.   Inexpensive. Easy. Fabulous. […]