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Air plants are such a unique species. They really deserve to be displayed in a way that is just as delightful as they are.

That’s why I created this air plant display frame. It really draws your attention to their beauty.

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My friend gave me this discarded wood picture frame he found in an alley. It was perfect for this project. One’s trash is another’s treasure. I gave it a few coats of FolkArt Coastal Texture paint in Largo Blue.

Next, using a staple gun, I attached a piece of chicken wire to the backside.

I wanted to give the display frame a little bit more character. Since I had a few colored craft sticks leftover from my Treetopia Pride Wreath, I decided to weave those in. The chicken wire holds them securely in place. I  really think this easy step takes this project to the next level.

Finally, I added the air plants onto my piece using floral wire.

They seem pretty happy in their new home.

I hope you enjoyed this project. If so, be sure to SHARE! For air plant care information, click here.

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  1. So creative! I had air ferns as a kid and had completely forgotten about them. Your garden area must look amazing with all of the outside crafts you make.

    • Thank you, Robin. My garden is one of my happy places!

  2. Wow love that. I need to start having plants

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