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If you’re looking for a quick, festive and inexpensive centerpiece for the holidays, this candy cane vase DIY is perfect for you!

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It’s so easy to throw together. First, wrap around the top and bottom of a cylinder vase (or jar) that is slightly smaller than a candy cane with double sided tape. Then, place a rubber band around the center of the jar.

Begin placing cane canes underneath the rubber band and pushing them into the tape for extra stability.

Continue adding candy canes until vase is covered. I used 41 candy canes to cover mine. Be sure and pick up plenty at the store!

Tie a piece of decorative ribbon over the rubber band to conceal it.

Fill with holiday greens, flowers or a combo of both and enjoy all season long!

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  1. Such a fantastic simple idea. Wrapped so you can still share them or unwrapped for the peppermint scent, right? Love it.

    • Exactly! If you keep them wrapped, they are less likely to break too!

  2. Cute!! And you are right! It is festive, inexpensive and easy!

  3. Pretty and festive. I might want to snack on them after Christmas 🎄. Hehe

  4. So cute! Can’t wait to incorporate this in my gift giving. 😍♥️ Loving Monday’s with you, Mark!

  5. Love this Mark I’m buying extra candy canes tonight! This will be perfect for my table.

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