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I don’t like the way candy corn tastes, but I love the way it looks. That’s why I made this candy corn inspired art piece. It’s the perfect compliment to my Candy Corn Topiaries.

My friends like to give me odds and ends to craft with. I inherited the colored pingpong balls used in this project that way. You can find them online fairly easily with a simple Google search. The amount needed depends on the size of your piece.

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I picked up a piece of scrap wood from my local hardware store for $5.50. I painted the front and sides with Apple Barrel Multi-Surface Satin Acrylic Paint in Paradise Pink. It’s such a vibrant color!

Next, I created a candy corn template and traced around it onto my board.

Following the outline, I adhered my candy corn colored pingpong balls to the board using E6000 glue. White on the top, orange in the center and yellow on the bottom. Before gluing down the bottom row, adjustments may need to be made to ensure all the pingpong balls fit correctly.

Then, I filled in the center with more pingpong balls and glued them down with E6000 glue.

Lastly, I added a black and white striped washi tape border around the entire piece as a finishing touch. So easy! I really love how it turned out. If you do too, please SHARE!

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  1. Super Cute!! I love it! I didn’t realize that was a washi tape border, it looks like an actual frame! Good job, Mark!

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