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About a week ago, I posted on Facebook asking if anyone still would like a Christmas tree who hadn’t decorated one. I said I would provide all the decor (excluding lights) and only had a few requirements for the tree itself. My friend Adam ended up being the recipient of the tree that I have named Disco Reindeer. I’m so pleased with how it turned out…finally.

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Yes, finally. So, Disco Reindeer was originally going to happen last year at my friend Jamie’s place. I decorate his tree almost every year. Jamie likes unusually decorated trees and I like decorating them. He received the pineapple tree this year. This blinged out reindeer tree topper was the inspiration. Super fabulous.

Anyways, I set up Jamie’s artificial pre-lit tree last year in preparation for Disco Reindeer and unfortunately a section of the lights were out. Me being me, I told him I couldn’t decorate it until the lights were fixed. The plan was to cover it in silver and white reindeers, antlers and snowflakes and lots of fake snow like pictured here.

Well, Jamie works a lot of hours around the holidays and I tend to be very busy myself, so, Disco Reindeer died. Well, he didn’t really die. He was just sort of half alive last year after Jamie kind of threw a few pieces up himself on his partially lit tree.

That was that, then. I bought Jamie a Christmas tree this year during the middle of summer for his birthday. It seemed like the best thing to do to avoid a repeat of last year. I assumed we would be doing Disco Reindeer this year. We went back and forth on this for sometime. Disco Reindeer left such a bad taste in his mouth from last year, he decided he wanted something a little sweeter this go round- the pineapple tree. So, Disco Reindeer was now officially dead and headed for the trash heap or my already full storage unit.

I felt sad about Disco Reindeers unfortunate demise. I couldn’t see him go without fully living. Thankfully, thats where Adam came in and Disco Reindeer is currently living his best life now. Adam, may not be on the other hand, when he has to clean up the 2 and 1/2 bags of shredded snow I dumped on this tree. But, thats another story!

I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these photos and the story of Disco Reindeer. He may even go down in history.

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  1. Disco Reindeer is beautiful. And what’s a few pounds of artificial snow between friends? 😉 MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  2. Wow! That is amazing!

  3. LOVE disco reindeer! I wish I lived closer. Lucky Adam (my nephew)! You are truly talented!

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