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Hey, Gators! Happy May. I hope you’ve had a great month. I’m so excited to be sharing this colorful glittered serving tray I created using FolkArt Color Shift and Glitterific paints.

Look at all that sparkle! If you’ve never used Color Shift or Glitterific paints, I highly recommend it. I love both products individually, but such great results can be created when used together.

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Here’s what the serving tray looked like before its makeover. It definitely had seen better days.

First, I gave the entire tray a few coats of Delta Creative Ceramcoat white acrylic paint.

After it was fully coated and dried, I taped off various sized stripes on the bottom inside of the tray using green painters tape.

I also added a painters tape border to protect the sides of my tray.

I used five Color Shift paints for my tray.

  • Raspberry Flash
  • Dragon Flash
  • Orange Flash
  • Yellow Flash
  • Purple Flash

Here’s what it looked like after the first coat of each color was applied.

I added a few more coats to each section. This takes some time, as two hours need to pass before each new coat is applied. This picture doesn’t do the paint justice. It has an amazing reflective color changing quality to it. Hence, its name, Color Shift! It’s the perfect undercoat for Glitterific.

I choose five complimentary Glitterific paints to apply over the Color Shift painted sections.

  • Red
  • Berry Neon
  • Tangerine Neon
  • Yellow Neon
  • Purple

I poured the Glitterific directly onto the tray and spread it out using a different foam brush for each color. Be generous when applying.

I just love this product! So much glittery goodness.

Here’s a shot after all the Glitterific colors were applied. Are you in love as much as I am? Wowzers.

Before the Glitterific dried, starting with the tape on the sides, I began to remove the painters tape.

Then, I pulled up the inside strips.

Holy Moly! This is one heck of a transformation. I love how this tray turned out.

I hope you enjoyed this project and I have inspired you. If so, please SHARE! See you next month.

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  1. Mark, the tray makeover is amazing. I love the colors you used. Thanks are very summery and festive idea. Such a great idea for any size tray makeover. It would also be a sweet gift idea. Summer get together hostess gift or Mother’s day gift with assorted instant drink packs or drink mixers and a pretty set of tumblers color coronated of course.

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