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Hello, Gators! It’s been a minute, but surprise, its me again! I just couldn’t pass up another opportunity to partner up with my friends over at Treetopia. I had so much fun this past June creating my Treetopia Pride Wreath: Alligators in Love, I instantly said yes when they contacted me. Not only did they ask me to participate in their Halloween DIY Queens… and Kings blog hop with all of these talented influencers, but my post was scheduled for a Monday. How perfect is that! My favorite holiday and a little MONDAYS WITH MARK to boot.

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Ok, I’ll give you a second to take this all in. Yes, thats a pink tree decorated for Halloween! Treetopia’s Pretty in Pink 5′ tree w/ Clear Led Lights to be exact! I’ll get to the decorations soon, but lets talk about that tree first.

Treetopia graciously sent me this perfectly pink tree. I was so happy when it arrived. The color is fantastic and setup was a breeze. Why pink? I wanted to challenge myself to do something unexpected for Halloween. Not to toot my own horn too much, but I’m pretty sure I succeeded. Treetopia has a beautiful selection of trees in all colors of the rainbow. If you aren’t feeling as bold as I was, check out their selection of orange or black trees. They’re perfect for Halloween and can easily transition into Christmas. If I can do a pink tree for Halloween, you can do a black tree for Christmas.

My vision for the tree decor was based off of a deconstructed witches potion. I imagined a cauldron bubbling over with slime, eyeballs and of course giant octopus tentacles. Then, I translated it into handmade ornamentation. Easy-peasy! Don’t believe me? Keep reading and I’ll show you how to create your own version of these ornaments. Make sure to follow along with all of the Queens and Kings blog posts for more Halloween ornament tutorials.

Treetopia wants you to get in on the Halloween fun too! Enter here for a chance to win one of three $100 Treetopia gift cards. Also, Treetopia has graciously given each of the bloggers an additional $100 gift card to give to one of their lucky fans. Be sure to follow me on Instagram for more details. Also, be sure to follow the other influencers on their websites and social media accounts for more ways to win!

Ok, lets talk about the tentacles on my Pretty in Pink tree. They’re definitely the biggest statement here other than the tree itself. I  constructed them out of pool noodles. I found that the skinnier pool noodles worked best. One pool noodle makes two tentacles. The suckers are created from an additional pool noodle. One was enough for eight tentacles. To create the tentacles, cut a pool noodle in half lengthwise using a boxcutter. Round off one end for a more realistic look. To make the suckers, cut another pool noodle widthwise at 1/2 inch intervals into rings. I fastened 12 rings to each tentacle using a hot glue gun. The tentacles are tucked into the tree and secured with zip ties.

These slime globs may look familiar to you.

I used the same technique as when I created my Halloween Blobs last year. These are just sprayed neon green and don’t have eyes!

Mini-cauldrons filled with black and white paper shreds help bring the theme to life.

After an eyeball ornament craftastrophe involving spray paint and inflatable bouncy balls, these papier-mâché ornaments helped turn my vision into reality. I grabbed them from my local craft store in two sizes.

First, I gave them two coats of white acrylic paint. For the pupil, I cut a circular template and simply traced around it as a guideline. Two coats of black acrylic paint were applied to the pupil.

I painted a blue iris around it.

To up the spooky factor, I painted bloodshot red veins on them.

With all this craziness, I wanted to bring in a traditional Halloween element, so, I created a big bow using black and white wired ribbon.

Lastly, I want to talk about this tree skirt alternative. Tree skirts can get pricey, and finding a Halloween tree skirt to fit this wild design…forget about it! Oh, and don’t start with that DIY tree skirt stuff. Haven’t I done enough? To work around this conundrum, I wrapped a topless box with graphic wrapping paper and placed the tree inside it. Voila!

I’d love to hear what you think of this over-the-top Halloween tree! Leave me a comment below. If you love this tree, you’ll love a few of my other Halloween DIY’s like my Man-Eating PodsCandy Wrapper Cart and these adorable Pumpkin Pails. Don’t forget to follow the other Halloween Queens… and Kings and enter to win Treetopia’s Halloween giveaway. Oh, and don’t be surprised if you hear more from me in the weeks leading up to my favorite holiday.

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  1. The tentacles are brilliant! I love Treetopia. I have a big ol’ silver metal one of theirs for xmas and I bought my mom a pink tree and wreath from them one year because she’s a nut for anything pink. Their trees are so much nicer than anything I’ve seen in big box stores, hardware stores, etc. Love what you did with this one! 🙂

    • Thank you so much! Yes, Treetopia has an amazing selection. I’m in love with this pink tree! So versatile. Thanks again!

      • I think yourHalloween tree is creative. Pink is an unusual color for Halloween and I think you did it up right!

        • Thank you! It was so fun to decorate a pink tree for Halloween. This year I’m doing a baby blue one. Check back next week to see it!

  2. love how you used papier-mâché ornaments for eyes! so cool!

  3. Never in my wildest dreams could I have thought of this….it is fantastic….it’s pretty and creepy all at the same time…quite an accomplishment Mark.

    • Thank you so much! I had a blast working on this.

  4. I LOVE your tree, Mark! The idea of a deconstructed witches brew is so clever, and I love that you found ways to reuse items you already had. Great work!

  5. This is still one of my Favorite projects you have done!

    • Thanks! Wait until you see my new Treetopia Halloween tree!

  6. This is so impressive! I love all the clever ways you decorated this tree! My favorites are the tentacles and the witch’s cauldron!

    • Thank you so much! I have a new Halloween tree coming out next week.

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