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The temperature here has been frigid lately. It’s going to stay under 20 degrees for at least another week. Ugh. However, its the perfect weather for ice projects. I’ve been wanting to make ice lanterns for some time now.

I like to make ice projects every winter. My first one was this beautiful ice wreath. Fun fact: The ice wreath was also my very first post on this blog. These lanterns are created very similarly and are just as stunning.

I love the soft glow they cast and the way they look in the freshly fallen snow.

I think these ice lanterns may be my favorite ice project yet! For more winter fun, check out these colorful ice globes.

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First, I sliced up some orange and lemon slices to freeze into my lanterns. Then, I filled a plastic drinking cup with rocks to keep it from floating when the mold is filled with water.

I used old coffee cans to act as the molds for my lanterns. A plastic cylinder container would work great too. Place the rock filled cup into the center of coffee can or plastic container of your choosing.

Drop citrus slices in the gap between containers. Cranberries would be lovely too. I added a few pine tree clippings to one of my lanterns. Fill gap with water until it reaches the top of inner cup. FREEZE. I placed mine outside because it was certainly cold enough, but they can also be frozen in the freezer. Once fully frozen, run hot water over the bottom and sides of coffee can to loosen inner cup and ice lantern from mold.

Place outside and enjoy! They’re perfect to welcome winter guests. Line a few down a pathway or up the stairs.

I dropped tea light candles in mine. Never leave any candle burning unattended. I recommend using battery operated candles. Just turn them on and place them in sandwich baggies (to prevent them from getting wet) before placing them in ice lanterns. It’s a worry free way to enjoy the glow! Plus, the lanterns will last longer too!

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  1. Love them for sure!

  2. These are brilliant!! Perfect weather for them too

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