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WAIT! Don’t put that glass there! Instead, put it down on one of these adorable Popsicle Stick Pallet Coasters!

With a little handiwork and very few supplies, you can create a set of these for your home.

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  • Standard Size Craft (Popsicle) Sticks (Mine were 4 7/16 in x 5/16in x 1/16 in)
  • Hot Glue Gun/Sticks
  • Scissors
  • Foam Brush
  • Wood Stain

You will need 12 popsicle sticks to make 1 coaster. First, begin by snipping off the rounded ends on one popsicle stick.

It should look similar to this once the ends are cut off.

Using your first cut popsicle stick as a guide, cut the round ends off the eleven remaining sticks.

Here’s what the twelve sticks look like with the ends removed.

Next, haphazardly apply wood stain to the front of the popsicle sticks. Whenever, I’ve seen a pallet, it usually looks imperfect and a little beat up. Keep that in mind as you apply the stain. Let dry. Flip over and stain the other side.

Once dry, the sticks should look something like this. Plug in that hot glue gun, it’s time for assembly!

But, now, here’s another photo of the finished product to remind you why you started this craft in the first place! I promise all this work is worth it in the end. Ok, moving on.

Lay two popsicle sticks vertically and position them roughly to the size of the finished coaster.

Next, run a small strip of hot glue at the top of both sticks and attach a third stick on its side to connect the three sticks together.

Repeat this process at the bottom adding another stick to form a square.

Here is what the base of the coaster looks like.

For support, add another stick on its side in the middle of your square.

Now that the base is completed, it’s time to create the top of the coaster. First, hot glue a stick directly above each stick on the bottom.

It should look like this.

Next, glue a stick down the center.

Now, add one to the right of the center stick

and one to the right off that. Space them out as evenly as possible.

Glue down two more sticks to the left of the center stick.

That’s it! One coaster complete! Now, get started on a set.

They certainly do look charming pictured here with my glittered candlesticks. Find out how to make those here.

A set of four with a tied raffia bow make a lovely gift.

Happy Crafting!

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