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I can’t believe it’s June already. The calendar may say June, but the weather here in Chicago hasn’t felt much like it. On a gloomy and unseasonably cold day last week, my friend and I seized the day with some rock painting. It was the perfect project for the day and now (on a much warmer day) I’m enjoying our newly painted rocks out in the garden.

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Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel far for my rock painting supplies. The only trip I made was to my craft closet! I had a few rocks in there that I’ve been hoarding for years. I believe I picked them up at the dollar store way back when. Feel free to just grab some from the yard too! I also gathered up an assortment of my favorite FolkArt Multi Surface Satin Acrylic paints and brushes. These paints are perfect for outdoor projects.

My friend and I mostly let the rocks be our guides in determining how to paint each one. An oval shaped rock became an eye. An elongated rock became a face. The cherry painted rock…well, he just painted cherries!

The FolkArt Multi Surface Satin Acrylic paints we used take 21 days to fully cure by air drying. Since I wanted to get my rocks outside as soon as possible, I used Mod Podge Ultra to help seal and protect them. If you haven’t used Mod Podge Ultra yet, I highly recommend it. It’s spray on and doesn’t leave any brush strokes! Plus, it can be used on a multitude of surfaces, like this Modern Rustic 3D Wood Wall Art project.

These two rocks make quite the pair in the yard.

Here’s another example of the rocks being the guide. I knew the second I first saw this rock that it would be a strawberry. My hedgehog is ready to take a bite.

This rocks design is quite simplistic, but is a stand out amongst the zinnias.

Here’s another shot of the cherry rock in its new home. So cute!

This wasn’t my first time painting rocks. I painted these Ladybug Rocks years ago and every summer since then they have lived in my garden.

Painting rocks ROCKS and I’m not the only one to join the rock painting party.

My Facebook friend, Vickie Williams, painted this rock of me using the above photo as her guide. She gifted it to me and I absolutely treasure it. Handmade gifts are wonderful. Paint a rock for someone you love or leave a painted rock somewhere for a stranger to find. Either way, you are sure to brighten someones day.

Another Facebook friend of mine was inspired by this photo I had taken of a gorgeous sunflower and she decided to paint it onto a rock. Nature is another lovely inspiration for rock painting.

She did an amazing job on this. I love sunflowers and I love this rock painting. Whether your inspiration comes from a photo, nature, or just the rocks themselves, I highly recommend giving rock painting a go. It’s a great way to create some easy and inexpensive art.

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  1. Awesome fun and creativity !

  2. Awesome fun and creativity, Mark! You must dream in color!

  3. I love painting. It is very relaxing to me.All my friends have rocks I’ve painted for them.Then their friends want rocks.So I stay busy painting.

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